Race Battle / Cop hater

Our mission, is first to find out who killed the dead man and by laying out the circumstances of one of to many instances of social injustice that is a black eye on our society. After seeing this we hope if you are in a position to help in any way that you do so, that is all we ask. In 1967 the rolling stones were move by what they saw and felt they would right a song about what they saw happening around the country, it was called heart breaker. We are not police haters or race baiters in fact the dead mans favorite uncle spent his whole adult life in law enforcement and was the police chief of his town. ...We just lay out the fact of one sad case that should never have happened and hope something good comes from it. Officer Brodoway was vicious killer with a badge, he did not just beat up on arrestees he shot and killed three people and one of them when he was off duty and got away with it. Brodoway was a traffic cop that should have been fired but because of the system remained way to long on the force. Along for the ride was his partner who stood by and watched for years while Brodoway was bashing in teeth and cracking sculls and for years did nothing to stop him. Since Mick Jeager wrote the words to heart breaker and the video taping of Rodney king being beat by LAPD there were many more Daniel Shafer, and Rodney kings were there that were not taped, thousands I am sure lives senselessly destroyed and the police involved walked away, for some people in some neighborhoods it’s a fact of life and in others its just something seen on the news or in movies. If you don’t live in an area were you see it for your self, that is the police getting away with acts of brutally worse then you just have to look at what we all saw in Simi Valley, the acquittal of the police in the Rodney king beating. With the whole world watching the police walked and that led to the la riots millions in property damage and hundreds of life’s lost because the officers and Chief Gates would not admit to anything wrong because that is just how they work. Since video cameras and our phones we see more shootings and beatings and the police almost always walk Free. So with all that being said we have to ask, how can a man turn his head and pretend he just didn’t see.

What happen

Had the dead man new the decision to proceed a mile up the road to his home instead of pulling over immediately would cost him his life he would have pulled the truck over right then and he would still be alive today. Officer Brodoway a traffic cop with a record of beating up on arrestees and his partner saw the dead man come out of a bar and grill and followed him up Tampa Ave about a mile from the dead mans house when the lights of the squad car came on, with his motorcycle and gear in the back of the truck he decided to proceed home and pull into his own driveway. ... Immediately Officer Broboway was at his window, he rolled down the window and started to explain he was close to home and that is why he kept going, Brodoway was shining his light in the dead mans face and ordering out of the truck, before he could get the door opened and get out of the truck and with no warning Brodoway hit him in the mouth with the butt of the flashlight fracturing seven of his teeth. He continued swinging violently with the flashlight, one time hitting and denting the truck, fearing what would happen if he got out of the truck he defended with his hands blocking the blows until one of the blows broke the ulna bone in his left arm, he pushed Brodoway away with his feet until he was naced directly in the face. He finally exited the truck through the passenger door Officer Brodoway went around the front of the truck and struck him in the head from behind fracturing his skull. When they were done beating on him he had cracked ribs, seven cracked teeth, fractured skull, brain damage, cardiac contusion, a heart murmur and a broken arm. They claimed he cracked his skull when he slipped and hit his head on the bumper off truck. He searched around for a lawyer without much success and then in 1992 the Rodney King video surfaced and so did the lawyers, and by then the system had changed and court cases were being fast tracked. Dead man found a lawyer and got a trial date, July 30. It was May when he got the notice in the mail, after years of waiting he was finally going to get his day in court. Maybe get a little something for all his suffering. Root canals gum infections, head aches from the lesion on his brain, surgery to repair his broken arm, not to mention the mental aspect, nightmares, anxiety and depression that would follow for years. It was May 14 1992 and the curfew that was in place because of the Rodney king riots had just been lifted, He returned home from having Dinner with his girl and pulled his truck into the driveway. He turned to shut the gate and here he was, standing just outside the front yard, a black man in his thirties and he had a gun pointed at dead mans head head. He thinks he is being robbed and then the man says don’t shut the gate, another younger man ran up to him, he also had a gun and plastic ties and he used them to tie the dead mans hands behind his back. There was a van parked next door and they forced him into it. They drove about a half a mile to the park, down a dark street that ended in a cul-de-sac. This was all planned. This is they would kill him. The oldest man said to the driver, over there under the tree, that is were we will do him. After a struggle to get his hands loose he was able get the gun from the one man and get out of the van but was shot by the other guy for times. The first bullet hit his t-7 vertebra and he fell to the ground the second bullet pierced the right upper back hitting his collarbone, it fragmented and peppered his right lung with metal shards, and it felt like a small grained had exploded in his chest. The third bullet passed in and out at his right flank, number four entered and exited his right arm. With six bullet holes and unable to move, lying there helpless, bleeding to death It was a warm evening; the concrete was warm and the blood draining from his body even warmer. Lying there in a pool of blood he began to shiver, dying in the street, all alone. Maybe the police that were named in the lawsuit had different plans for the dead man. What do the mobsters say, no witness no trial? With the riots going on and the Rodney king trials taking place the last thing the city and the police chief needed was another police beating trial on par with the King beating, pictures of a man severely beaten by a cop with a long record and that had just recently been fired and then rehired. There were plenty of motives to off the dead man. The question is who put the hit out, who hired the four assassins.