Consiracy to cover up the truth. This is how they do it, after the altercation the dead man was handcuffed with a broken wrist and placed in the back of the patrol with no medical care for hours while the Seargeant and the whole group fabricate a good story that would protect the Officers.

When Sergeant Grubbs arrived on the seen to assess the altercation between officer Brodoway and the dead man is when the cover up started, the fact that the Sgt. did not interfere with the officers taking him to the hospital is odd unless the Sgt. Believed that his injuries were so sever that awaiting the paramedics may have placed him in more medical jeopardy. He needed immediate medical attention and there is a fire station with paramedics less than a mile away. The paramedics were not called because it would have invalidated the officer’s version of the facts and therefore they were not called.

After the initial blow to the mouth he tried to push officer Brodoway away with his feet but the blows kept coming Broboway went crazy swinging his flashlight even denting the truck and cracking a new motorcycle helmet that was sitting between the two seats. After fighting off blows from officer Brodoway he slid across the seat of the truck and exited the passenger door, he did this blind because he had been sprayed directly in the face with mace. He could not see at that point but either Brodoway or Officer Gregson went around the front of the truck and struck him in the head cracking his scull. After that they needed an excuse for the head injury so they dragged him with his head bleeding across the side of truck smearing blood on the truck and bumper. They said he cracked his head on the bumper when he tripped and fell on it while trying to escape.

When officer Brodoway hit him in the mouth knocking out his teeth he went into the fight mode to protect himself from the continual blows, then into the flight mode to get away from the blows he was receiving. It didn’t help much, they had destroyed him, he had a fractured right ulna, cracked ribs, cardiac contusion, renal contusion, multiple lacerations and contusions, fracture of most of his front teeth.

Both office stated that he kicked Brodoway while he was behind the wheel, and attempting to start the truck and run them over. This is not logical it was an attempt to justify their use of excessive force.

He spent a week in the hospital and while being visited by is brother in law and mother a detective from the west valley division, the division that officer Brodoway worked out of stopped in. He said after revuing the follow up reports of officer Brodoway and his partner Gregson that he would most likely be facing charges for assault on an officer and assault with a deadly weapon and resisting arrest. his mother sitting there asked what he deadly weapon was and the detective replied it was steel toed boots, his mother had a bag with the clothes that I was wearing at the time and pulled out the pair of bloodied tennis shoes he was really wearing, yes tennis shoes. He had been motorcycle riding earlier and there was a pair of boots in a bag in the back of the truck. He never was arrested and no charges were ever filed against him.