Office Brodoway was a traffic cop in the San Fernando Valley, he joined the force in 1967 and by 1970 the Department had paid out thousands of dollars in settlements. Brodoways personnel file was laced with complaints from people he brutalized. In 1978 he had been suspended and The Department was reviewing his complaint history and no longer wanted him on the job.

When Rodney King got pulled over in 1991. Officer Brodoway was in local newspapers; both the Daily News and Los Angeles times ran articles about him and his beating of Daniel Shafer. Investigative reporters Harvey Levin and Brea Walker were both looking for answers on how one Officer would be aloud to cause so much damage and remain on the Department.

When chief Gates was asked by the media to respond on the Rodney King beating his reply was, If there is anyone within this Department or anyone out side the Department that thinks this kind of behavior will be tolerated they are gravely mistaken.

This was Gates doing what Gates did, he backed his guys when they beat someone and the message is its OK. This is why there was so much of this going on and it is why they got away with it for so many years. Gates In the wake of the Rodney King beating would come out and lie to the media and the world he would have you believe the King beating was an aberration. Gates set the tone for the whole Department and by the mid Eighties Gates and the Department was hated by most of the inner city for it.

Suspended in 1987 from January until July for 129 pending a board of rights hearing. In February 1987 the LAPD board of rights recommended that brodoway be fired. Chief Gates actually fired him but four months later decided to reinstate him a deal was made were Brodoway agreed to retire. He agreed to a six month suspension a desk job in narcotics, his gun was taken away and he was to retire on a predetermined date but was allowed to remain on the force. Two years later Brodoway a 21 year LAPD veteran by then retired on a generous monthly stress disability allowance from the people of Los Angeles.

When Officer Brodoway applied for disability pension in 1989, he wrote I have been involved in numerous altercations, and shootings throughout my career that have resulted in physical as well as emotional injuries.